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You know, recently someone said he noticed Steve and I put a lot of photos of the two of us kissing on our website.

We kind of looked at one another.

"Of us?"

"Yeah, it was a couple of people kissing a lot..." said the man.

We realized that what he'd been seeing were engagement photos. And wedding photos. So, yeah, there are a lot of kissing photos on our pages!

But, sadly, none of them are of Steve and I kissing. Maybe we should put up some like that. We'd have to do it by remote control, I guess.

Anyway, if I could have a photo of Stephen and me to have on my desk at work, or hang on my wall at home, or carry in my wallet, I would have to say, it would be one like this. I love everything about this photo. These two people are in love.

Maybe that is why I post a lot of kissing photos on Steve's site. Some of them just really grab me, because of the emotion I see in them.

This is one of them.