Wrapped in the draping that separates the ceremony side from the reception, Danielle and Jon sneak off and share a kiss at the Mellwood Arts Center. 

And the pitch!!!


Jon winds up to pitch the garter to some lucky guy during the reception at the Mellwood Art Center.  

Light Stick Tunnel


Jon and Danielle make their entrance to the reception through a tunnel of LED glow sticks. Family and friend lined the way with the light sticks after our little photo shoot in the courtyard of the Mellwood Arts Center. 

You light up my life


Danielle and Jon share a kiss as they stroll the grounds at the Mellwood Arts Center. Little did they know, at the time, that this was planned so that their reception guest could arm themselves with glow sticks of the couple's re-entry to the reception. 

Done Deal!


With their ceremony completed, they're well on their way as husband and wife. Jon and Danielle were great to work with, but there were some surprises still in store for the evening.  

Cast-ing Shadows


Danielle and her bridesmaids cast shadows as they walk through the west buildings at the Mellwood Arts Center. The Mellwood offers plenty of locations, both inside and out, to photograph individual as well as groups and the visual diversity goes from nature to urban to industrial and antique.

Guys will be guys


Jon's groomsmen poke fun at him while wandering the Mellwood Arts Center. The guys found good pizza at the Arts Center in their down time, which, according to them, was a bonus. 



Danielle's ring and shoes. 

Wedding show at the Marriott East

Had a great time meeting everyone Sunday at the Louisville Wedding Network show at the Marriott East. I have dates available for 2017, but the good ones are going fast. Call me and we'll set up a consultation.



Jon and his groomsmen show a little personality during our walk through the Mellwood Arts Center on his wedding day.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall


Danielle stands amongst her bridesmaids as we venture throughout the Mellwood Arts Center, looking for other locations to do our bridal photo shoot prior to her wedding. 

Hey Honey!


Jon receives a no-see-um visit from Danielle, his wife to be at the Mellwood Arts Center just prior to their ceremony. The couple exchanged sweet nothings while attempting to calm the nerves associated with their big day. 

Circle of ladies


Amber and her bridesmaids circle up before leaving for the ceremony location. In telling a story from beginning to end , it's a good idea to start with the ladies getting ready for the day. I offer full-day coverage in all of my wedding packages. 

Pop pop POP

Tom pops the bottle of champagne while his new wife and rest of the wedding party look on. 

Tom pops the bottle of champagne while his new wife and rest of the wedding party look on. 

One Ring


Amber's ring resting on her shoe. During all the hustle and bustle of the day, there's still plenty of photos to take. 

Glowing Bride


We found this little book in the basement of the Calumet Club in New Albany for Kristen's pre-wedding session. It was hot and muggy that day, so I wanted to keep the ladies inside as much as possible.



Kristen is gettin' her bride on! Hair and makeup are done and her Matron of Honor is finishing up adjusting the dress and Kristen is clapping her hands in excitement for what's yet to come. She and her bridesmaids readied themselves in the bridal suite of the Calumet Club in New Albany, Indiana prior to her service.

Interesting sun roof


Ryan waits for his groomsmen to jump into the shot as they all gathered at the Floyd County Brewery for some casual pre-wedding photos. We had to dodge the rain that came through that day. 

Taking it all in


The Floyd County Brewery was a great place to unwind and let the jitters out prior to the day's wedding. The location provided a wonderful backdrop to an awesome day. 



Ryan met his groomsmen at the Floyd County Brewery in New Albany. He shows off his duds in front of the Brewery's double decker VW Microbus.