Just a quick word on wedding package prices. Due to increasing technology costs, we're going to have to raise our package prices for the first time in five years. We haven't decided how much yet, or when exactly these prices will take effect, but if you are considering booking Stephen A Harmon Photography for your wedding or event in the coming year, you might want to contact Steve now before prices go up. We totally understand wanting and needing to save money. As most of our clients know, we are a very small family business, and photographing your weddings and special days is not just our income--it is a huge part of our family's life. Your satisfaction and happiness mean the world to us, because it's more than your photos that establish our reputation.

It's our goal to remain one of the best values for your money in the Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY markets. We really feel like we have provided that from the beginning, and we would like to continue to charge a reasonable rate for the outstanding value of award-winning photography you receive.

When new prices go into effect, they'll go live on the site, and there should be a blog entry announcing them. You've got some time, but I'm honestly *not* sure how much time. At this point it could be a matter of days, or a matter of weeks. When the new prices go into effect, they will be effective immediately.

If you'd like to get locked in at our current rates, please contact Steve for a consultation at 502-599-8483. It is wedding season--has been full on since April, for him, so he will get back with you as soon as he's able. We appreciate your interest, your patronage, and your patience!