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Wedding album

Steve puts a lot of work into each wedding album. Most of the time, he shows them to me before he's done, and I make a few suggestions, and on we roll. This particular book, we put a lot of work into the layouts, because it was a bit of challenge. Kind of like putting a puzzle together.

I'm really happy with this particular album, because we put so much attention into it, and I think it really shows the joy and happiness of a beautiful day for a bride, groom, family, and friends.

Enjoy. I think it's worth the effort. :)


Sample wedding album layouts

Our wedding albums are special. They're not from templates, they're not the cheapest available option--they're hand-made, high quality, gorgeous books that capture the photo story of the day. That's what photojournalism is all about. Here's a movie version of our album layout slideshow. We'd love to show it to you one-on-one, so give us a call for a consultation.

How many photos will work in coffee table album?

Well, each layout is different, of course, but it helps to start with the couple's favorites. Here's a slideshow of a recent couple's "edit." As many of these as artistically possible will be used for their stylish, personalized, one-of-a-kind album. We never use templates or do a "generic" album. Each one is carefully contructed to tell a story and highlight the emotion and memories of the day. Here's the raw material:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

When it's all laid out, we'll show off some sample layouts.