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My little girl

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You don't fathers lose it until the father daughter dance, Which is fine by me, and it makes for wonderful photographs. Erica's Father hugs her right after their dance during their beach-side reception in Cancun Mexico.

You may kiss the bride

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Whoops! A young 'un sneaks in an early smooch on the lady of the hour.

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It's a Jungle Out There!

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And here's a whole tree full of cuddly monkeys. Sweet portrait of a local grandma's grandchildren, in her yard.

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The Faces of the Ones You Love

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Okay, so obviously it is important to get photos of the bride, groom, parents, and all the wedding party. But how about the smiling faces of your friends and extended family? How about the candid portraits, such as this one, that you will look back at for years, going--"Wow, that really captures their spirit."

Tip: keep a running list of people you want to make sure your photographer catches. Steve does his best to get shots of everyone he can, and a lot of the time he just spontaneously captures a glowing face or an enthusiastic dancer, and the bridal couple are just thrilled. But it never hurts to jot down a list of your important guests.

I'm not sure how this couple was involved in the wedding, or related, etc. to the couple, but I'm totally in love with their relaxed and happy glow.


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Salon whispers

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Well, the move has begun!

After several years at the old, the time has finally come to update the site's form and function.  As the business has grown to take on more than wedding clients, now also servicing sports, sport leagues, schools, individuals, senior portraits, and of course, commercial, commercial, commercial work, the site has just been screaming for a full-fledged update! More to come soon, but for the time being, feel free to contact me at, or call 502.599.8483.  You can still contact Leslea at 502.445.6029 or email her at  Our old email addresses will continue to function, as well, but this site will be our new home on the web!

We hope you will enjoy the new format as much as we will enjoy rolling out new photos and business notes, thank yous, and acknowledgments!   Plus, there's a lot more room in this format to keep you updated about upcoming events, and to point our recent customers toward their photo galleries online.

Lots of changes to come!  Stay tuned!