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Dramatic bridal portrait

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Call Stephen A. Harmon Photography, Louisville-area photojournalist at 502.599.8483.

Romantic vista

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There's a series of these, but this one is my very favorite. So intimate, and look at that beautiful sky. This hasn't been retouched, either.

Contact Stephen A Harmon, Louisville photographer, at 502-599-8483.

Gone With The Wind

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Okay, could this *be* any more romantic?

Contact Stephen A Harmon, Louisville photographer, at 502-599-8483.

Before the wedding - Floyds Knobs

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I love the way Stephen has captured the blue sky, the clouds, and the vivid yellow flowers. I love the little girls in this, but isn't is awesome how the bride's blue sash goes perfectly with the sky? What serendipity.


Gone With the Wind

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Before all is said and done, Steve will probably bring out the blue and green in this photo to make it a touch more vivid, but...oh, man. Is this not Gone With the Wind? So awesome. So romantic.

If this were my wedding photo, I would buy a poster-size print for the living room. Absolutely. Because that's what I want to see each day when I open the door and walk in through the door.