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Bride and Groom

Then and Now

Little did they know… Grade school to wedding day…

Little did they know… Grade school to wedding day…


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Grant and Lupita share a kiss , reflected in a puddle outside Kai's during the couple's reception. 

Center of attention at Kai's

Grant and Lupita share the dance floor one last time during their reception at Kai's in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Wedding guests and family all joined in to circle the couple and to wish them good fortune.  

Jump for joy!

Bradley and Kate jump for joy on the bed in their honeymoon suite. The couple switched from their tuxedo and gown and donned the traditional Korean Hanbok during the reception to finish out the night. 

Quit stairing at the Seelbach

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Newlyweds Dana and Brad kiss on the grand staircase at the Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville. The couple retired there after their reception to get some rest before leaving the next day on their honeymoon.

Yes man, yes mam....

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Dana and Brad listen to the best man give his speech while the couple's bobble head cake toppers nod, "yes" to the crowd atop the groom's cake during the reception at the Icehouse in downtown Louisville. Dana checked earlier in the day to make sure the bobble head would continually nod in the way she expects....

Smoochie Time!

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Dana and Brad kiss as they walk down the aisle just moments after being pronounced man and wife on the rooftop of the Icehouse in downtown Louisville.

Up on a roof.

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Dana and Brad are all smiles as they celebrate just moments after being pronounced man and wife on the rooftop of the Icehouse in downtown Louisville.

First Dance at 300 Spring

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Newlyweds Cami and Blake share their first dance together as a couple. 300 Spring offers a large dance floor with DJ and full lighting service that sets the mood quite nice. Family and friends gather around to show their support for the couple.

Candle light kiss

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Zachary and Rachel share a kiss in one of the stairwells at The Galt House in downtown Louisville after their ceremony. The couple and wedding party made their way downtown photo shoot after their reception.

Puttin' on the Rath!

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Jessica and Chad stole away to the Rathskeller in the basement of the Seelbach Hilton right off 4th Street in Louisville after their reception. The couple and I returned to the hotel after their reception for a little Bride and Groom session, taking in the many locations the area has to offer.

I'll be at the 300 Spring and The Grand weddings shows in January 2013. Stop by to check out my show specials.

Shared Moment

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Newlyweds Sarah and Tim share a few minutes along on their wedding day near the reception site at 300 Spring in Jeffersonville. The couple's reception was over and we were getting ready to shoot at a few locations in downtown Louisville before they hit 21C Hotel for the night.

Yarrrrr Married!

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You've just got to love photo booths! Tim and Sarah parked one at their 300 Spring reception and it was very popular throughout the event.