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First Dance at 300 Spring

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Newlyweds Cami and Blake share their first dance together as a couple. 300 Spring offers a large dance floor with DJ and full lighting service that sets the mood quite nice. Family and friends gather around to show their support for the couple.

Little bride, big bride

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Cami's Junior Bridesmaid gets her finishing touches as Cami has the last of her dress fixed just prior to walking down the aisle on her wedding day at Grace Lutheran Church in New Albany.

Bridesmaid sass and attitude

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Cami's bridesmaids add those finishing touches of lipstick and attitude as they ready to walk down the aisle at Grace Lutheran Church in New Albany, Indiana. Her bridesmaids were a fun bunch to work with and filled with personality.

Piercing eyes

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The antique stairs and railing really worked well at St. Augustine's Church in Jeffersonville as Elise and I really used them for many shots. The Stained glass and ornate decorations throughout the church really added a touch of class and beauty to the day for her and Travis.

At home at O'Shea's

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Nathan relaxes a bit as his groomsmen step aside for a bit during our pre-wedding shoot at O'Shea's in downtown Louisville prior to his wedding at the Ice House.

In the spotlight

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I try and work with natural lighting when it works to our advantage and lining Jessica up just right put a nice spotlight on her just before her wedding.

A Dad's kiss

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Kristina's Dad kisses her as he gives her away during the opening of her ceremony at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in New Albany.

Down the grape aisle at Huber Winery

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Steve and Kristina were great to work with as we made our way amongst the picturesque scenes that Huber Winery provides. The couple really wanted some creative shots, capturing those special moments between the two of them, and we made the very most of the time we had available.

Hang time on 4th Street

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Brad and his groomsmen were wonderful to work with and were filled with energy and wackiness throughout the day. It was a real pleasure because every turn downtown provided us with different backgrounds and different situations to photograph.

Gettin' wiggy wit it

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Brad cracks up at the comments of his groomsmen as we work on some groom pictures along one of the 4th Street shops near the Seelbach Hilton downtown prior to his wedding later that day.