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Grant and Lupita share a kiss , reflected in a puddle outside Kai's during the couple's reception. 

Billie Jean at Kai's

Wedding, Kai's, groom, reception, Jeffersonville, wedding photography, dancing

Grant, the groom, tore up the dance floor with his rendition of Michael Jackson's moves to "Billie Jean" during the reception at Kai's in Jeffersonville.  


Lupita and Grant kneel at the altar with a ceremonial figure eight lasso placed around their shoulders to symbolize their everlasting love. 

Smiling Groom

Grant hangs out at the gate to the prayer garden of Saint Marys's Catholic Church in New Albany. 

Huddle up!

Groom, Grant and his guys put their heads together as we walk the grounds around Saint Mary's Catholic Church in New Albany.  

Jump for joy!

Bradley and Kate jump for joy on the bed in their honeymoon suite. The couple switched from their tuxedo and gown and donned the traditional Korean Hanbok during the reception to finish out the night. 

Circle of friends

DNPazzi 160

Nick and his groomsmen huddle up one last time before game when he'll marry the woman of his dreams.

Quit stairing at the Seelbach

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Newlyweds Dana and Brad kiss on the grand staircase at the Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville. The couple retired there after their reception to get some rest before leaving the next day on their honeymoon.

Yes man, yes mam....

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Dana and Brad listen to the best man give his speech while the couple's bobble head cake toppers nod, "yes" to the crowd atop the groom's cake during the reception at the Icehouse in downtown Louisville. Dana checked earlier in the day to make sure the bobble head would continually nod in the way she expects....

Smoochie Time!

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Dana and Brad kiss as they walk down the aisle just moments after being pronounced man and wife on the rooftop of the Icehouse in downtown Louisville.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

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Dana checks herself in the dressing room mirror at the Icehouse in downtown Louisville. With her walk down the rooftop aisle just minutes away, she's confident and blows a kiss to get in the mood.

Front to back in O'Shea's

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Brad and his groomsmen check things out in O'Shea's prior to heading to the Icehouse for the wedding. The guys relaxed a bit and shared stories to help relieve some of the nervous tension leading up to the rooftop ceremony.

The Boys are back in town!

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Brad and his groomsmen relax a bit in the upstairs lounge of O'Shea's in downtown Louisville as one of the stops we hit for photo ops on his wedding day

From the top, now...

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I work hard not to do cookie cutter type images. Each wedding I photograph is unique and I get wrapped up in the excitement, pushing me to show all those little things that make your day so special in an artistic way.

It's a Ring er...

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Not only do I photograph the bride, groom and the rest of their family and friends, but I capture all the little details that make your wedding day so very special.