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Yin Yang Married Couple - Oxmoor Country Club, Louisville, KY

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One of the last shots I took at the wedding and glad I was able to hand hold the camera and still retain some detail in the shadow areas. This couple had surprises around every corner during their wedding and reception, which turned out to be great photo ops, like traditional Irish dancers and a sparkler exit!

Meant to be

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This couple is so awesome, Steve got out in the creek to get this photo. And look at that lighting! Brian and Gina are not just gorgeous and golden, it's like the two of them are walking on sunshine in this pic.

Steve shot this at Cherokee Park. It's one of his favorite spots, and yet, the photos are always different. I think it has to do with the lighting, the couple, the angles, the mood.

Anyway, I love this one. They're having a Christmas wedding.