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Love rolls in

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The warm tide rolls into the Florida beach while Alex and Michelle are there for their wedding as temps drop in the Louisville area. The couple chose a destination wedding in November and family and friends were only too eager to make the trip to warmer weather.

Beach engagement kiss AND

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Michelle and Alex brought some props and we worked a number of locations at the resort in our days leading up to their wedding day, Here we shoot a little engagement session on the beach.

Guys on the deck

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Alex and his guys ham it up in the warm weather near the courtyard garden at the resort in Florida prior to the wedding. Alex and his guys had a few hours to unwind prior to the ceremony and we were able to walk around and really take advantage of the beautiful locations the resort had to offer.

God comes first

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Michelle and Alex share a moment in prayer before leaving for the beach, and their ceremony, The couple chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony, but wanted to get together for worship.

Rope heart

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Just some of the little details of Alex and Michelle's wedding on the beach. The rope is curved in the shape of a heart with the couple's wedding program, printed on a fan, awaits guests as they enter the beach.

Might as well JUMP!

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Ellen and most of her bridal party survived the reception. We toured the surrounding locations to see what the night had in store for us and downtown Louisville offers quite the backdrop. The ladies had a blast throughout the day and were wonderful to work with.

Blue on the outside Seelbach Hilton downtown Louisville

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And anything but on the inside! Ellen and Brad share a quiet moment inside the Seelback Hilton during our after reception photo session.

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Cheers and Mazel Tov!

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Max and his groomsmen raise their home made beers in celebration as reflected by a dome mirror on the ceiling of the locker room at the Standard Country Club in Louisville.

Ashley's Angels

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Ashley and her bridesmaids stand ready for action while Max and his groomsmen take a back seat as we stroll the course at the Standard Country Club in Louisville

Framed bride and groom

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The foliage near a bridge along the course at the Standard Country Club frames Ashley and Max nicely as we visit a few of the beautiful spots the location has to offer.

A moment there

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Max show his affection for his new bride, Ashley, as the stroll the greens at the Standard Country Club in Louisville.

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A moment here

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Max and Ashley spend a moment wrapped up in each other as their wedding day starts. The couple strolled the course at the Standard Country Club in Louisville, sharing in the moment and taking in the beauty around them on that wonderful autumn day.

Swarm the bride

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All the little ladies in the wedding snuggle in as close as possible to the bride while the groom danced with his mom during the reception at Montros in Clarksville.